Our Take-Away Service

Using quality and local products, Porches Velho now allows you to take our meals to your home. Our Take Away menu is additional to our main menu. Select your meal from any of our menus. Call us and enjoy Porches Velho at your home ....


Current take-away menu





Fish Soup                                      3.50
Vegetable soup                                  2.50
Green beans tortilla                         12.00
Shrimp tortilla                                 15.00
Potato and onion tortilla                  12.00
Octopus salad                              9.00



Lamb shank in rosemary sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetables in the oven 12.00

Pork shank in the oven, sautéed potatoes and vegetables 14.00

Black pork belly roasted with cauliflower and small potatoes 14.00

Wellington steak with mushroom sauce and sauteed vegetables 12.50

Duck confit with red onion sauce and Port wine with sautéed potatoes 11.00



Corvina in the oven with new potatoes 18.00

Porches Velho Cod (au gratin, pickles, garlic mayonnaise) 15.00

Codfish Brás 12.00

to start the table

(minimum 6 units per order)

Shrimp fried dumplings                           per unit 1.00
Meat fried cakes                                      per unit 1.00
Puff pastry cakes with anchovies            per unit 1.00
Puff pastry cakes with black ham           per unit 1.00
Codfish fried cakes                                 per unit 1.00