About Us

porches velho front 1Hidden in the narrow streets of porches velho inside 2Porches, there is a unique restaurant in Algarve that has made of its service and quality, its brand images.

For over a decade, at the heart of this small town, of cobblestone and bougainvillea, restaurant Porches Velho gave new life to an old bicentennial cellar; an ample space brightened by the warm light of the Algarve. Outside, the building is flanked by five terraces (“acoteias”), overlapping each other and leaning over the fields that roll down to the coast. The white walls and fresh aromas from the kitchen will call you in.

The owner of Porches Velho – Mr. Amandio Candeias– will be familiar to many who visited Algarve in recent decades. After 25 years ahead of the emblematic restaurant “Lanterna”, Mr. Candeias used the Porches Velho menu to honor the bases and techniques of traditional Portuguese cuisine. On the menu we find dishes like fish soup, gratin cod, sea bass in the oven, rabbit cataplana or black pork tenderloin. The kitchen is easy to describe: unpretentious, simply exceptional. The high quality of the cuisine is based on the exclusive use of the freshest produce, purchased daily from local markets. The desserts served at Porches Velho are prepared by, D.Inacia Candeias, following traditional recipes and methods. The restaurant also has a rich wine list where all the Portuguese regions are represented.

porches velho doorway terraceIn Winter, the wood fire heats the large indoor dining room. In summer, the terraces should be your option. The walls of the restaurant are decorated by traditional tiles, traditional agricultural elements and an old distillery -once used to mature medronho – the local firewater. The restaurant is the ideal setting for nights of fado often held on Thursday evenings.