Our Menu

The secret of our flavors lies in the quality and preference for local and fresh products.
Our Menu is rich in Portuguese food specialties, such as the traditional cataplanas - a genuinely Portuguese dish based on fish, seafood and/or meat - or the typical Portuguese steak that will leave your mouth watering.

The best part is dessert time! All our desserts are made daily by us, with lots of love and care, following traditional recipes and methods.


Our delicious Menu



Gaspacho à la Algarve | 4.95€

Soup of the Day | 3.45€

Fish Soup (Porches Velho recipe's) | 4.95€

Shrimp Cocktail with Avocato | 12.95€

Fried Shrimps in olive oil with Garlic, Piripiri and Dry White Wine | 12.95€

Mussel "à Bulhão Pato" | 9.95€

Mackerel Fillets marinated à la Algarvian Style | 7.95€


Fresh Fish roasted on oven Portuguese Style | 20.45€

Cataplana with mixed fish, mussels and shrimp (2px) | 42.95€

Codfish gratin à la Porches Velho with Pickles and Garlic Mayonnaise | 19.95€

Codfish à Brás (with onion, scrambled eggs and straw potatoes) | 17.95€

Grilled Tiger-Shrimp with Piripiri (with salad or rice) | 33.95€


Sirloin Steak (Old Portuguese Style) with Smoked Ham and Fried Egg | 19.95€

Chateaubriand with Béarnaise Sauce (2pax) | 45.95€

Rabbit Cataplana with Fresh Coriander and Fresh Mint | 19.95€

Grilled Fillet Steak with Mushroom, Pepper or Béarnaise Sauce | 23.95€

Calf Cheeks with Pot Wine | 18.95€

Duck Magret with Wild Berry Sauce | 21.95€


Chickpea Curry with Spinach and Mix Vegetables | 15.95€


Traditional, Homemade and House Specialities | 6.95€

Homemade Ice-Cream (vanilla, lemon, coffee, chocolate, strawberry) | 2.00€


Bread, Butter, Pate, Carrot and Black Olives (p.p.) | 3,95€

Bread | 1.20€

Olives | 0.95€

Pate | 1,50€

Butter | 0,95€

Carrot | 0,80€


VAT included at the current legal rate.